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Name:Sabryn Palira Claudole
Birthdate:Dec 1
Location:Asilo, New Mexico, United States of America
All her life, Sabryn was interested in the paranormal. She was obsessed with it, with piles of books, stories, every website bookmarked and every paranormal field researched by the time she was twelve. She had done ghost hunts, gotten video footage of vampires, and managed to wound a chupacabra so it would leave her family alone. But never once in her life did her mother and two older sisters care about her paranormal work. They laughed at it, called it crazy, made fun of her, said she made up crazy stories. They promised to never make her go to a therapist or lock her up, but they thought she was insane.

This resulted in a stoic, calm personality even in the face of monsters and creatures, because if she displayed any emotion she was 'crazy'. If she cried, she was 'being immature'. Sabryn learned how to push everything deep down inside. She punished herself for emotional displays by skipping meals. She became calculated and strategic, well learned and capable of putting on a Mid-Atlantic accent despite growing up in New Mexico. Despite the fact she did well in school and was always well behaved and quiet, having learned by third grade no one cared about the paranormal or saving the town, she was still viewed as a lunatic and loose cannon that might go off at any moment.

That's why, when she got into a fight with her doppleganger and vanquished it, her mother and teachers decided she was truly insane and had her committed to a psych ward, despite her protests that her family had promised her they wouldn't do that. They had promised, they had told her that they would never consider it, and then they threw her away and didn't call.

Sabryn is a very lonely thirteen year old. But she will bullshit her way out of this place, if it takes everything she has.

* If on bakerstreet or sixwordstoris, assume she's already out and even less open than before.
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